Music and Mantra

My love of mantra began in 2004 at Jivamukti Yoga Toronto. All of the teachers at the studio began classes with chant and playing the harmonium. This integration of musicality and philosophy continues to inform my teaching. When I discovered the practice of kirtan, my unique passions merged: my musical theatre training, study of yoga, and love of language. Chanting moves me deeply – a kirtan event can be a sanctuary to sing, move, cry, and connect to something sacred.

I began studying Sanskrit in 2004 with Marla Meenakshi Joy of Swaha, and leading kirtan in 2009. Since then I have shared mantra internationally and collaborated with Brenda McMorrow, Narada Wise, Lee Harris, Dave Stringer, David Newman, Swaha, Girish, and many others. Chris Gartner, the Juno award nominated bassist and composer, produced my two albums, Invocation (2013), and Reverence (2017).

I feel it is essential to acknowledge the roots of mantra practice and the Vedic, Hindu, and Buddhist traditions that have informed the music and teachings I share. My work these days includes sitting with and examining my place in appropriation, deepening my understanding of the history and context of kirtan, and taking active steps to give back.

Watch videos of Lana’s recent livestream kirtans and other gatherings here.

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Current Work

Golden World Govinda

Golden World Govinda is a collaboration between Lee Harris, Narada Wise and I. The studio recording was produced by Davor Bozic, and the live version was captured at the Omega
Institute in New York.


“Blending traditional kirtan sounds and chants with western and electronic beats, this mantra album is filled with devotion, joy, and sweetness. These eight tracks range from slow to medium tempo and contain both Buddhist and Hindu mantras.
Recommended for all kirtan fans.”
~Timothy Burgin of Yoga Basics


“As the founder and programmer for Bliss Bubble Radio, I listen to a lot of kirtan-chant-mantra music… a lot. I love the genre and the artists in it, but I’m rarely bewitched by any one artist’s album. This one got me. As I listened to it for my station’s rotation, I found that it made me smile—inwardly and outwardly. This girl has got a little extra magic in her musical mantra mojo.
Her vocal tone is rich and soothing. Each track has been flawlessly produced by Chris Gartner and totally supports and enhances Lana’s music, making it shine.”
~Leanne Wood, Founder of Bliss Bubble Radio